Office Meeting Buzzwords to Make You Seem Smarter

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Office Meeting Buzzwords to Make You Seem Smarter

We’ve all been in those meetings, the ones that seem to never end because two people are trying to out buzzword each other. It’s exhausting. Phrases like: out-of-the-box, buy-in, circle back and many many more. Have you ever taken a step back and really thought about what these buzzwords mean? Since I am an expert at attending meetings that aren’t necessarily related to me, I’ve become privy to the actual meaning of these phrases. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used meeting buzzwords that actually have an alternative meaning.


  • What you think it means: A creative idea or original. Not like the others.
  • What it really means: Can someone else please be more creative than me and come up with an idea.

Circle Back

  • What you think it means: We will discuss this again after further research.
  • What it really means: I don’t feel like talking about this anymore, can we just talk about it later?

On the Same Page

  • What you think it means: Everyone agreeing that the chosen idea is the right one.
  • What it really means: Everyone is in disarray and not cooperating or someone has no idea what you are trying to say, and by saying “get on the same page” is a polite way of saying “can you pay attention and listen to what I am saying”

Going Forward

  • What you think it means: From this moment on.
  • What it really means: You messed up, so from now on don’t mess up again.

Best Practices

  • What you think it means: Whoever said best practices is knowledgeable
  • What it really means:  I read this in a blog

There are hundreds of other office meeting terms that are used that have double meanings. What are some of your favorite terms and their alternate meanings?



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