Must Have Office Cubicle Accessories

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Must Have Office Cubicle Accessories

Must Have Office Cubicle Accessories 

A cubicle doesn’t have to just be three walls and a work-surface. There are a number of add-ons and accessories that can be included to turn your office cubicle into a more productive, organized, and decorative workspace. Let’s take a look at a few additions to the cubicle that can make your office life a little more bearable.

Monitor Arms

One of the more ergonomic additions to the cubicle is the monitor arm. A monitor arm allows flexibility in the positioning of your computer screen and gives you the ability to swivel it around when showing visitors something on your screen.

Variations of Tiles

The great thing about office cubicles in today’s day and age is the flexibility of the cubicle’s tiles. There are a slew of different tile options that enable you create a cubicle tailored to your needs. Tack-able tiles allow you to pin items onto the tile for quick and easy reference, or photos to remind you of the world beyond your office. Rail tiles allow for the addition of paper management accessories. There are diagonal and horizontal trays that can be used for organization. Acoustic tiles help muffle the sounds of the office, which can be ideal for areas where sound is an issue.

Keyboard Tray and Lighting

Keyboard trays are a great add-on to cubicles to help open up even more surface space. A typical keyboard tray can be adjusted to your ideal height and easy pushed in when done using. There are also a number of different lighting options to choose from. There are lighting options that are mounted underneath overhead storage as well as freestanding lights. Freestanding lights are a nice option because they can be easily adjusted to focus the light on whatever you are working on.

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