Herman Miller AO2 7×7 cubicles, 54″ High

Herman Miller AO2 7×7 cubicles, 54″ High

Item number: 018903

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PRICE $299 each


Brand: Herman Miller
Quantity: 125
Size: 6X6, 6X8
Electrical: 8 wire - 4 circuit
Height: 53"
Accessories: Box Box File, Over Head Storage, Tack-able Fabric

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Herman Miller AO2, 7×7 cubicles with 54″ high panels.  Each station has a 24×42 corner with (2) 24×42 return worksurfaces.  (2) BF handing locking pedestals.  The 42x53H panels down the spine are powered, the 42’s and the 24×54 wing panels are non-powered.  Finishes are tan.

This product can be EASILY reconfigured into 5.5×7 and 42″ telemarketing stations.

Project pricing available.  Product located in Ohio.

Panels may/will need light cleaning, keys for pedestals are extra.  Stations sold in 8-packs like ice-cube trays with one base-in power feed.  Power poles available.  Cubicles set up in smaller “packs” or in “runs” will require more panels which may increase pricing.

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Dimensions 84 × 84 × 53 in

Herman Miller


Box Box File, Over Head Storage, Tack-able Fabric



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