What Does Your Office Cubicle Say About You?

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What Does Your Office Cubicle Say About You?

Let’s face it; we spend nearly as much time in our cubicles than we do with our loved ones. That is a harsh reality to accept. Your office cubicle operates almost as a second home. You have your items organized so that you know exactly where everything is, you most likely have a snack drawer, and a separate drawer full of stress balls. The point is, every cubicle dweller has their desk decorated and organized a certain way, and how you’ve done that may say a thing or two about your personality. Let’s take a look at some examples of what someone’s office cubicle says about them.

The Messy Cubicle

Every office has one or many cubicles that are a complete and utter mess. Papers are spread out everywhere which leaves you wondering how they ever get anything done. This type of cubicle can mean one of two things; the person is a disorganized mess, or they know exactly where everything is and there is a method to their madness. I am the later. My desk is usually a mess, but I know exactly where everything is that I need. There’s no time to meticulously organize all of my paperwork, so I create a perfect mess.

The Pristine Cubicle

The pristine cubicle has all paperwork neatly organized in perfect stacks and doesn’t have anything unnecessary on the work surface. Typically post-it notes are on the top page of each stack of papers signifying what the stack is for. This type of cubicle owner is usually highly organized and dependable for meeting deadlines. The only potential downfall of this type of cubicle dweller is when things don’t go according to plan or require diverting from the set path, they are thrown off and must come up with a new way to organize things.

The “I’d Rather Be…” Cubicle

This type of cubicle is littered with pictures of enjoyable past times. There are pictures on vacation, pictures of their animals and loved ones – all constant reminders that a world exists beyond their cubicle. This type of cubicle person would rather be anywhere else than at work. Work to live, not live to work.

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