Used Cubicles in Texas

Looking for good quality Used Cubicles in Texas?

You have definitely found the right source!

Texas Used Cubicle Locations

Our warehouses are closer than you think.  We easily support companies Texas.  These warehouses are full of good quality Office Furniture.  Appointment only!

Used Cubicle Installation in Texas

Have an installation company that you love?  No problem, let us provide the cubicles and let your favorite company install them.  No loyal to any particular furniture installation company in Texas? has TWO office furniture installation companies in every major city in Texas.  Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin…  No Problem.

Shipping Used Cubicles in Texas can easily support any business in texas or the surrounding states.  We actually ship furniture all over the country, you name a state (or even city) and we’ve shipped product there.

Remanufactured Cubicles in Texas represents the largest cubicle remanufacturer’s and cubicle refurbisher’s in the country.  Our relationships allow us to purchase remanufactured Herman Miller AO2 cubicles, remanufactured Haworth Unigroup cubicles and Steelcase Avenir cubicles at a wholesale price so that we can compete with the dealerships in your city.  Remanufactured Office Seating too!

Blended Cubicle Solutions in Texas

We are creative!  How?  By mixing remanufactured cubicles panels with gently used components or the other way around.  Get the benefits of remanufactured worksurfaces and pedestals while getting the updated benefits of new panels?  How about gently used worksurfaces with remanufactured storage and new panels?  The combinations are endless.

Cubicle Design in Texas

Send us your hand drawing of your office space and we will professional build it in AutoCAD and populate it with furniture.  Have a .pdf or AutoCAD file of the space, even better!  Need one of representatives to visit your building and measure?  Again, we are here to help.  First design is FREE!

Selling Cubicles in Texas

Paying top dollar for good quality used office furniture and cubicles.  We want your product!  See if you qualify.

New Cubicles in Texas

Have a fixed budget?  Good quality new cubicles too expensive?  Think again!  In many cases you will find that our new cubicle options are only 25% more than our used options.  Lots of Quick ship options with plenty of finish choices.  Check out some new cubicle typicals with pricing.

Cleaning Cubicles in Texas

Professional office cleaners available to clean you used cubicle panels.

Cubicle reconfiguration in Texas

Need to change the configuration of your office cubicle?  Different quantity, size or panel height needed?  We have most brands of cubicle panels and components.

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